Looking to meet up with some other young expats in Bs As


Nov 25, 2009
Hey! Ive been following the forum for the last year, and just now thought Id introduce myself. Ive just returned to Bs As to live here again (lived here for 2 years previously). Im looking to make some connections and some friends around my age for getting out in the city, whether it be to a boliche or a park or to listen to music- and also for getting away from the city once in awhile. About me, Im 28, male, a teacher, and I want to be smiling and having fun every second.
wont be there until July 2010 - but I'd be willing to meet up then.

Hi There,

I am planning a move there very soon. I am even considering coming down this Sunday. I am still trying to convince myself that I won't be miserable and lonely for Christmas and New years Eve. Either way, I am coming down either ASAP, or early January. I would be more than happy to meet-up.


yo im going there, dec 10--jan10 drop me a line and lets link up

I am a teacher too. moved here about 6 months with my girlfriend and we are always keen to meet new people. we are irish so we like our drinks and clubs.
drop me a mail.
Hey Kt
I have been here this time for about 2 months I am always looking to meet new people. Send me an PM