Los Pumas Rugby Match in Buenos Aires


Nov 2, 2009
Does anyone know if and/or when Los Pumas will be playing here in Buenos Aires? I saw on ESPN awhile back that they will be playing France here in late April, but I don't know for sure.

I would love to go see a proper rugby match so any details, schedules or info would be greatly appreciated.

Pumas vs France in late abril here ?! I hope you are right !

I'll check on the French Rugby Federation site.

I had the chance to meet Agustin Pichot last year, great person.
It's june 26th in Buenos Aires !

Good news, come on northern hemisphere !
The two Saturdays before the French game (which has yet to be officially confirmed here), Argentina are hosting Scotland in two Internationals. Saturday the 12th at Tucuman, and on the 19th at Mar Del Plata.

BUT - If it is real top class rugby you want to watch, (given that summer tours often have under strength squads, experimenting for the World Cup next year), then teh U-20 Junior World Championships are being played here in Argentina between June 5h and June 21st, with all the worlds top teams present. The games are being played in Rosario, Parana and Santa Fe, with the finals being played on Monday June 21st in Rosario (it's a holiday here). Here's a link to all the fixtures.... http://www.irb.com/jwc/fixturesresults/index.html - I shall be heading to the games on the 5th and 13th in Rosario, and definitely will be in Rosario for the finals on the 21st.
In Buenos Aires, they usually play at Velez Stadium in Liniers. If you go, definitely wait in line for a bus/cab out of there. Don't think that you can by-pass that by walking towards the town... you can't. And you will walk FOREVER!!!! Just wait in line and get a bus/taxi.
About the U-20 Rugby WC: I'm originally from Rosario and if anything I can provide intructions or whatever you people need.
There is also another important competition in Rosario that maybe someone is interested in. The Women's Hockey WC will be played around August.

Rosario was never considered (even by ourselves) as a tourist destination. Always regarded for its industries and its very important port, it has started to pick up some nice touristic features since a couple of years ago. Like having the biggest Hotel-Casino in Latin America and capturing important international events.
Ok, sorry for the cheap "propaganda" :)