Lunch and/or Dinner next week?

This is a new thread to continue with the idea of getting together for lunch and/or dinner next week and beyond. How many could do either next Wednesday or Thursday (14th or 15th)? Dinner (maybe 9:30 or so) was sounding like it would work for at least a few. And the place, any suggestions?


Ditto! I can make it on Wednesday at that time, so if that works out for everyone else then I look forward to seeing you there. I'm pretty new here so I'll leave it to the rest of you to pick a good location!


I´m in also!!
Dinner somewhere in Palermo would be best for all to easily meet.
9:30pm is also good to let people out of their classes, courses, etc.
Will it be at Uriarte bar again?


The world cup Arg vs Urg is on Wednesday 7pm - if people are interested maybe we could meet at a bar and watch the game before getting dinner?