Macri to implement price controls: Let's Do The Timewarp Again

In the midst of social tension over looting alerts... Wonderful! Mob mindset sets in and anarchy breaks loose. What is even more interesting is the thought of austerity in the midst of what is worse than austerity already. The poor may get hit very hard. No one wants to see riots and looting so I guess they think this is the solution. But your right Camberiu time warp or a blast from the past.

Went out with the wife last night, downtown was packed lots of shopping, cafes etc all full, everything looked pretty normal. New businesses have popped up here and there. I was thinking to myself, all this can change in a flash.
He is going back to all the CFK policies. I always prefer the original, not the bad copy.
So you answer my question with another question, instead of addressing the original issue?

You claimed that she was "paying back the loans like crazy" when facts shows that she was taking more debt. The reasons she was taking in debt are besides the point (that money was mostly stolen anyways). The point is that you claimed that she was paying back debt when she wasn't.
When you cannot afford to implement something food stamps I guess price controls is a way to keep people eating when they cannot afford it. But like the original article - In the midst or looting alerts. While it is not in my thinking a good move if does keep the peace it may be worth it. Interesting how a strategy like this is thought out, force prices controls on the businesses to protect retail from looting.
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Remember the last great American Statesman who instituted price and wage controls, and how well that worked out for him-- Richard Nixon.