Mailing items back to Canada by DHL or FEDEX?


Jul 19, 2009
From what I have read Argentina's postal service is like the rest of Latin Americas in the fact that it is not that reliable.

What about DHL or FEDEX? Will things arrive or is it just as bad? I have some camping gear that I'd like to keep but I don't want to carry it all on a plane whenever I leave.


Thanks so much!
I have had bad experiences with DHL - FEDEX is very reliable. Both charge the same.
Thanks SaraSara,

Is there a specific office you go to? What kind of costs would you say I am looking at? The thing is I don't need the items to arrive super fast but I believe they only have speedy shipping at these two companies.
I've only mailed documents - the charge for a large envelope is forty dollars. They were picked up at my home.

You should be able to get a ballpark estimate over the phone:
FEDEX local Customer Service number: 0-810-333-3339

FedEx main offices:

Av. Cabildo 1559 (1426)
Capital Federal
Horario de atención:
Lunes - Viernes, 10:00 - 19:00

25 de Mayo 386 (1002)
Capital Federal
Horario de atención:
Lunes - Viernes, 10:00 - 19:00
I always do fedex. There is an international office at maipu and cordorba.
During my 3 trips to BA in 3 consecutive years beginning 2007, no one around the world ever received any of the post cards I sent them by mail each time from Argentina. I had used different post offices on each occasion.

On my second visit to BA, however, I mailed from BA a very heavy, large encyclopaedia on Argentine trees, a new tango DVD made by our BA instructor, and a small book to my (botanist) husband in Canada. I expected the parcel would take at least 4 weeks to reach him but it took just 2 weeks exactly. The postage cost me a lot-160 pesos- even though it went by the cheapest regular mail, not an express service.