Major Differences Between B.A. and Thailand


No Moss said:
Hi, Bapak. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm just ready for a change. I realize that Buenos Aires is not without its hassles, and it will certainly be more expensive than Bangkok in many ways--way more than Chiang Mai, but then Rosario would be cheaper than Bangkok.

I really can't afford to fly over to BA, then come back, then fly again. That's difficult logistically and very expensive, up around US$5000 for three trips. I'd rather move there and then move back if I don't like it. It won't be hugely more expensive to live there as a tourist for a few months than to live here in Bangers, where I pay US$570 for a modest studio in the "farang ghetto". Mind you, that price includes everything, including bedding and towels, maid service 2x per week, good WiFi and cable, water and electricity, pool and workout room, and excellent security and service from a large resident staff. What it doesn't include is a grand western city with people whose language I can at least partially understand, and whom I am genuinely interested in knowing.

If it were a purely economic decision, I would live in Chiang Mai. I've lived there, but gee, there isn't much in the way of cultural stimulation, and the transportation situation is pretty bad. But food is good, the weather is cooler than the rest of Thailand, and accomodation is dirt cheap ($US5-6 will buy you a night in an older but entirely acceptable hotel, and $10 a night will give you a modern if small room, spotlessly clean).

I've liked Thailand for decades of visits, but living here eventually spoiled it for me. And BAs is close to another city I adore, Rio. Dangerous now I guess, but what an amazing place when I visited two decades ago, full of Carioca dreams and the beautiful sounds of Jobim, and found the cidade maravilhosa lived up to my frothiest imaginings.

So here I come, dictionary and suitcases in hand, expecting everything and nothing, ready to lose my heart to another of the world's great cities.
Be welcome


No Moss said:
...And BAs is close to another city I adore, Rio. Dangerous now I guess, but what an amazing place when I visited two decades ago, full of Carioca dreams and the beautiful sounds of Jobim, and found the cidade maravilhosa lived up to my frothiest imaginings.
Hah! Just the other night someone asked me what I liked about Buenos Aires and my answer was "It's close to Rio." Man, Brazil is fantastic (though not without it's problems, of course). Argentina is eh. Brazil is where it's at.


Not that I would discourage anyone from coming here, but those of you still dreaming of Brazil, there are plenty of small-large cities that are much safer than Rio (or others) such as Florianopolis, Curitiba, Natal, Joao Pessoa, etc.


In Thailand...or say Pataya Beach they have the Horshoe Bars. There u can ride up on ur rented moped and pick up a couple of above average Thai Hookers without ever getting off ur moped.
In BA u won't find anything like that.

Also in Bangkok if u order a chicken quarter from a street vendor, it will be bloody inside. Here they actually cook it.

Ohh also they drive on the correct side of the street here too. If u have ever ridden a motorcycle on the left side of the road(when u r use to the right side) u will know what I mean. It is scary in Thailand and Tokyo!!!!!!!!!!!!(driving instincts are hard to change)

U have to pay more than $40/month for rent


I made the Bangkok to BA move almost a year ago. Both cities are great, but very different. While there are many things I miss about Thailand, I find the day-to-day living here far more easy, for example:

-even after 3 years, my Thai was really crappy, whereas after 10 months here with no prior Spanish skills and very little studying, I can converse and have friends that don't speak English. That removes a huge part of the isolation felt living in Thailand. Maybe if I had studied Thai full-time it would have been different, but I worked full-time (here too)
-I don't constantly stand out as foreigner here (not like in Thaiand)and there is a far, far smaller cultural gap here. In my opinion, it's a lot easier to have close friends here from Argentina than to have close Thai friends in Thailand. There just isn't that gap.
-the visa situation is way easier, if you're ok with just doing the tourist visa thing here for awhile. even with having a company visa in BAngkok, it was always a total bureaucratic nightmare - need work visa, then a work permit, etc, etc. Thailand does not allow unlimited back to back tourist visas - Argentina does

I think these 3 factors make me feel like Argentina is much more of a long term possibility, whereas I never imagined permanently staying in Thailand. Prices are not wildly different from Bangkok - slightly more expensive, but of course it depends on your lifestyle as well.

of course, there are things here that are more difficult/annoying - in particular, renting an apartment or setting up a bank account. But they can be worked out.

One of the biggest downfalls here for me compared to Bangkok is the lack of cheap air travel - never thought I'd say that I miss Air Asia! Air Asia made it cheap enough to fly from BKK to elsewhere in SE Asia for a long weekend - not really viable here, unless you do the ferry to Uruguay.

Of course, it has other downsides - but they are minor - I think BA is a great city overall. After a month of steaks and wine, you'll miss your Tom Kha Gai and Singha. but the grass is always greener.... :)


soulskier said:
I think the love-you-long-time is cheaper in Thailand.
Somebody had to dare to say it even tho it was in most people s mind :p

Congrats soul, the topic was "introduced" with much poetry

No Moss

OK, well, my departure to Argentina (from Bangkok) has been delayed because of a kidney stone attack, which will be over and done with (hopefully) by the end of the year. Also, American Airlines informed me that JAL (Japan Airlines) wouldn't accept a one-way ticket to Argentina. Don't know why, the Argentine Embassy in Bangkok had no problems with it.

Great post by amat, who summed up my feelings about Bangkok pretty well. I'm on a retirement visa over here, which is quite easy to get, especially for Americans.

Bangkok has decent sidewalks, BTW, it's just that it's almost impossible to walk on them for the vendors, mototaxi guys, touts, beggars, and prostitutes, and the taxis and tuk-tuks parked on them.

Feliz Navidad, everybody, y un feliz ano nuevo!


My arrival to BsAs has been delayed til the 19th of January...earliest flight I could find without flying multiple airlines.

Amat found your post enlightening and I can relate to pretty much everything you had to say about LOS,except the Thai food and beer.If I never eat thai food or drink that skunk Singha again I will be just fine.

See yall in late january