Making a living in BsAs


Hello folks,

Im back on here again, i guess you could say a part of me has never left BsAs. For awyone reading who is considering some time in BsAs, consider it carefully because returning home, will never be complete, a huge part of you will be left in BsAs.

After 4 years away from buenos Aires, im considering returning (appox Jan 2013) in order to find work, live and survive in BsAs permanently!

I would be grateful if someone would have some time to run out some figures to give me an idea of how we stand in todays world. Previously i arrived in BsAs on the back of some good fortune and a bag full of cash and it was really a "year out" or a long holiday which lasted 9 months. This time i want to make it stick.

If i spend the next 12 motnhs putting together say £5,000 how long will i survive and last before my failings to find employment kick in. I have found flat shares for $200-$300 p/m. Even if i was lucky enough to find work, what type of wage would realisticly be needed to earn enough to keep going.

I have had contact from a call centre, who are keen to speak more, is this a good option or way to find employment.

I understand this is one of many many posts like this, but if someone could take 10mins out some evening to give me some points i would be very grateful!!!!!

Thanks in advince

El Duderino

I'd imagine things are a lot different in your 4 year absence, mostly concerning cost of living.

£5,000 should last you at least 6 months without finding work, if you live cheap. Renting a room in a shared apartment for $300/month would be a good start. Probably wouldn't be able to go out much though, and watch what you spend on groceries.

Who knows what it will be like in 2013 though!

Best of luck!

El chabon

Lets say 1 year

5000 pounds = rougly 32000 pesos or 2500 peso a month

My guess is that a finding a Job within 3 months that pays 3000-4000 peso is fairly easy and that would make your income about 5000 to 6000 peso a month. Renting a romo will set you back 1500 to 2000 peso so rougly you could spend somewhere between 100 and 150 peso à day

If you cook at home mainly, only use public transport you can probally do 2 to 3 nights out à week(including watching à futbol game, concert and cine,etc)

If i were you I Would try to stay 6-8 months and leave once your 5000 pounds are gone inlees you got à job that pats you 8000 plus peso nett(which is unlikely)


Nobody knows what it's going to be like in 2013. Nobody can really even guess. I suggest you keep saving your money and keep regularly logging on here where over time you will get a much better feel for how things have changed and are changing still.


In a nutshell, the cost of living has more or less tripled in the last four to five years. So it will be quite different from what you remember. There are no signs that this trend is expected to change course anytime soon.


One thing you really need to accept - it will not be easy for you. Your life will be completely different than it was four years ago. Think about what you really loved about BA back then. Did any of it involve going out to bars, clubs, and restaurants? Taking trips on the weekends?

If you are dependent on the local job market, you will not enjoy anything close to the same lifestyle you had down here before. So really think about what it was that made you so happy last time. Was it being on an extended vacation for nearly a year, living the good life? Or was it truly Buenos Aires itself?

I know people who have worked in call centers. The pay is extremely low and there is not much upward mobility. They usually hire people part time, because most their employees are students. Also its cheaper to employ more people part time, than less people full time. So they have it set up that way. They will get you excited about coming in the door for your 'trial period', but if you don't exactly match the candidate profile they're looking for, they'll drop you like a fly.

Also, think about your future? Where do you see yourself in five years (cliche, I know, but kind of important)? How about savings? Again, if you are dependent on Argentine Pesos at near minimum wage rates, things will get old very fast. Even with the current economic situation in Ireland, you'll have MANY more opportunities for growth there than here. Not just career, but financial. Money doesn't buy happiness, but a lack of sufficient funds does equate to misery for most people.

But if you truly understand all of this and have a love affair with BA, then go for it! Life is short and you should do what you want. Just understand what your getting yourself into.

My little last piece of advice is to come up with something that gets you paid in Euros or Dollars. If you spend a year or two more in Europe looking for a job that will eventually allow you to work remotely, then its well worth it. Trust me, your life down here would be improved dramatically :)