Manuel Tienda Leon question


Jan 20, 2009
When I arrived in BA the first time, I took the Manuel Tienda Leon to the station near Retiro and then grabbed a private shuttle for 1 USD to where I was staying nearby on Lavalle.

I'm staying in Palermo this time.

Anybody know if their shuttle will take you this far?

If not, not the end of the world, one would just grab a taxi.

Just curious, thx
I've been using Tienda León for years but never knew it operated a shuttle to an individual address. Thanks, "dsc"!
True it took me to Lavalle the one time, but I'm not so confident it would take one all the way to Palermo.

Perhaps someone else can say if would or not.

I emailed the company also, but well.. we'll see if they even respond..
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hi, i have had them pick me up and drop me off in barrio norte, for no extra cost.. but this was a year ago so might have changed.. still cheaper to get them from airport to retiro and the grab a taxi to palermo if they wont take you there.. unless there is more than one of you, then a taxi from the airport can be cheaper.