Apr 27, 2009
Does anyone know a shop that sels maps? Not just the big Argentina maps and the BA maps, but maps of the provinces/other towns, maps with hiking trails etc.
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where can I buy a map?
driving maps for Argentina...

Good luck!
Most gas stations sell reasonably good provincial maps. Also some of the little book sellers on the street have the same maps. These are good for driving but not walking.

There is an outdoor shop on Esmarelda near the Corrientes end that sells more detailed maps and walking guides. What area do you need?

It might be worth looking in to see what they have. Perhaps you could let us know if you do.

Good look
thanks everyone, it seems I didn't 'search' well enough :rolleyes:
I have been to the "librerias turisticas" en Paraguay/Pueyrredon, a nice little shop full of guide books of Argentina and the rest of the world, and also maps (behind the counter). I can really recommend this shop for anyone going to travel in or outside Argentina.
They only had 1 of the provincial maps I needed, and no trekking maps.

So I went to the Automovil Club, (where you don't have to be a member, although I think you get a reduction if you are). Here they had all I needed, including trekking maps.
You have to know what you need though, as you can not "look around and see what they have" but you must explain what you need. Then the man shows the map and you can decide to buy it or not.
There was no one in front of me, but there is this ticket machine to get a number so I guess it can become quite busy.

good luck for anyone else looking for maps!