March 24th: Peru Deli Dinner!


Jun 20, 2006
Dinner at Peru Deli, Wednesday, March 24th at 9pm:

We are having our next dinner in an excellent peruvian restaurant run by our member Cesar. Peru Deli normally does only deliveries, but they they graciously offered to host this special event. Peru Deli specializes in traditional gourment peruvian food. The food is beautifully served in an art gallery setting (presently showing award winning photography from Jonathan Delacrox) and a friendly environment. The place can accommodate 25 people only.

You will enjoy following delicacies:

- Appetizer: ceviche (fish or seafood) or papa a la huancaina (potatoes served with a soft cream)
- Main dish: picante de mariscos (seafood) or aji de gallina (chicken) or lomo saltado (meat)
- Dessert: Suspiro limeño or peruvian flan
- Soft drinks: all free

Total price = 70 Pesos
Pisco Sours at 12 pesos each

The bar will open at 8pm for those guests that want to arrive earlier and start mingling.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th!

Where: Peru Deli, Beruti 4602, Palermo
When: 3/24/2010 (next Wednesday) at 9pm
Restaurant Website:


To RSVP please email to [email protected] or just reply to this thread.
Sounds great, but who exactly is we? Do we need to RSVP or is first-come-first-served?
Cheers, RR
For everyone to know: the 24th is a Wednesday and it's a holiday, so you should not have any problem finding time to come.
Food is great! I've tried it already.

Please RSVP for me and 1 more person, 2 in total.
Likewise, I'd be glad to join and meet you all! Please count me in +1.
Do you have two seats left? Let me know ASAP so I can ask my friend if she's available that date. You can PM me.
Count me in as well. I'm very eager to meet some expats and dying for some good mariscos. See you all on the 24th.

The food at Peru Deli is excellent and it's just two doors down from my apartment building. How can I resist! Count me in too.
I'm siging up for 4 more people.
By the looks of it, this should not be a problem, but I will confirm on the other link.
See you tomorrow!
Darn it! Was hoping to come to this, but just been told I've got my little boy tomorrow.
Been in BsAs for 5's about time I sorted out a social life!

Al xx