Marriage Certificate translation


Pls help! My niece has a marrying certificate from California dated 1992. She needs to present it to a court for a property procedure, but they will not accept it as it is now.
Any body knows what is the procedure to translate /legalize it?


You can have it translated in Argentina and the translations can be legalized, but the court might not accept it unless the document itself has received the Apostille. Of course that must be done in the USA (the doc's country of origin).

The fastest, most economical and "most likely to be accepted" way to proceed would be to request a new certified copy of the marriage certificate and have it receive the Apostille in the USA.

The first thing you will need to know is what government agency has the ability to issue a certified copy of the marriage license. It could be the Secretary of State but it more than likely is the government office which issued the original, probably the office of the County Clerk.

An Apostille service in the US can order the certificate, get the Apostille, and send it directly to your daughter, who can then have it translated as well has have the translation legalized in Argentina.

PS: The Apostille service will be able to order the certified copy of the marriage licence using the data from the original.

PS2: It's just my hunch, but the Argentine court may prefer (if not insist) on a recently certified copy of the marriage license as opposed to the original.
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