Marriage, foreigners visiting.

I'm looking to get a same-sex marriage with my partner in Argentina, specifically BA. I'm from Canada and my partner is from Thailand so we're under the impression that we can enter with visa's on arrival or visa free. We're a little weary reading and understanding the steps required. Mainly I understand 0 Spanish, even through Google translate I have no idea what I'm reading on these civil registry sites. Also I'm a little lost in understanding what sort of witnesses are needed, blood tests and hiring a translator. Is there someone we can pay to help guide us and arrange these things for us? Appreciate any advice and I'm sorry if this was the wrong area to post, feel free to move/delete it. I'm aware we're a little in over our heads but we'd like to do this in the next 5-12 months if possible. Regards!


Regarding entry into ARG you are correct, Visa Exemptions: Nationals of Thailand for a maximum stay of 90 days. Nationals of Canada with a normal passport for a maximum stay of 90 days.

The steps for getting married become clearer as you go. The administrative process takes time. Initial part can be done online, the rest is in person. You also need a certificate of where you are domiciled (can be a hotel), which you can get as a tourist. I believe the blood tests are no longer required. When we did it they were required and that is a separate procedure done in the private or public clinic. Expect long waiting times. The day before the ceremony you must go back in person to present photocopies of all documents as well as originals of your IDs/passports and the IDs of the 2 witnesses (who must be legal residents or citizens of ARG). There is a procedure to be followed for interpreters. The whole process is very bureaucratic and time consuming. I do not know if there is someone who can handle all this for you, perhaps someone may contribute from this group. Lack of Spanish makes the whole process more frustrating in a country where administration is already burdened by inefficiency.

One thing to keep in mind: if you need to get a copy of your marriage certificate in the future for use abroad (and you are located outside ARG for example) it is a procedure you must complete online and then wait around 2 months for it to arrive at the embassy where you are (if it arrives at all due to it being lost in the system). The whole process is time consuming to say the least and burdensome to an ordinary citizen. The certificate is in Spanish and you will need to translate it for use elsewhere (after obtaining the correct stamps, including the Apostle of the Hague). It is possible to give someone a power of attorney to do this for you, but you would be creating additional work for you which requires extra time to execute and in the end may be a headache.

Out of curiosity, why BsAs? I am asking because the two of you as non residents can do this much easier in Copenhagen for example. The certificates are done in English and it is super simple. The ceremony is in English. A Thai national who is in de facto relationship with you should have no problems getting Schengen visa to accompany you to the EU. And if in the future you have to get a copy of your certificate, getting one from Denmark is a piece of cake compared to Argentina.

Unless you have very specific reasons to do it in ARG, I would not bother with it.

Let me know if I can help you further.
Are you "under the impression" that you can get married while both of you are in Argentina with residencia transitoria (aka the tourist visa)? That's the impression I got from reading your post.

I would be happy to be wrong, but I don't think it's possible.
I was a witness for a Civil Wedding, of an Iranian couple 2 years ago. I had to accompany them to translate during the Interviews. For the wedding Ceremony an official translator is required. An Iranian translator was not easy to find.The blood test must be performed at an specific Clinic a couple of days before the wedding. The CABA City of BA, welcomes tourists of the same sex that want to get married..
The City Employees spoke No English whatsoever.

Google Translate

Foreigners in transit can be married With people of different or equal sex within five days of being requested to the Civil Registry

The Buenos Aires Government arranged that foreigners who arrive at the country in transitory form will be able to contract marriage with people of different or equal sex within the five days of requested to the Civil Registry, needing a precarious domicile of reference.
The Buenos Aires Government arranged that foreigners who arrive at the country in transitory form will be able to contract marriage with people of different or equal sex within the five days of requested to the Civil Registry, needing a precarious domicile of reference.
Thanks to Rich One for posting about this.

There are several websites with additional information in English regarding the requirements. The first link does not mention the need to provide either a birth certificate or a divorce certificate (if applicable) but it provides great information on how to get a certificado de domicilio using an escribano/a (see step #3).


The second website mentions not only the birth certificate but also
a "certificate of legal capacity to marry from your country’s consulate or embassy in Argentina."

Here is the information from the second website with several requisites that were not mentioned in the first.:

Firstly, to get married in Argentina, you must apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry from your country’s consulate or embassy in Argentina. You will obtain this document after the publication of banns of marriage, an essential step that takes place before the marriage in order to ensure that it is both legal and valid, without any opposition. Once you have this, you must submit your application along with the following documents:

  • A copy of your birth certificate, as well as that of your future spouse
  • A photocopy of your ID card and proof of your nationality
  • Your divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Your deceased spouse's death certificate (if applicable)
The banns will be published at your country's embassy or consulate in Argentina, as well as in your home city, over a ten-day period. Once this step is completed, you will obtain a certificate of legal capacity to marry, which will be used as the transcript of your wedding certificate. As well as this, you’ll get a booklet on marriage and family.


PS:The official website of the City of Buenos Aires indicates your passports will suffice. There is no mention of the birth certificate.
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PS2: It will probably be la lot less expensive if you can get a certificado de domicilio from the police. An escribano/a will undoubtedly charge a lot more. You can ask for the certificado de domicilio at the (police station) has jurisdiction over the location where you are staying.

The first link I provide does provide a link to a blog that contains information about "additional documents" required in the case of previous divorce or death of a previous spouse:


and this post includes a link to another post with more detailed information regarding the entire processes:
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a "certificate of legal capacity to marry from your country’s consulate or embassy in Argentina."

This document was provided in Spanish by the Iranian Consulate in BA, in this case.
The requirements that are included in the last link of my previous post:

Requirements for Marriage in Argentina (Foreigner Marrying an Argentine)

  • Foreigner: passport with valid visa stamp or prórroga de permanencia(visa extension) plus a photocopy of the entire document
  • Argentine: DNI plus a photocopy of the entire document
  • Blood test results [get blood drawn at local hospital no more than one week prior to date of wedding (no cost); return certified results to the Registro Civil before your wedding day]
  • Complete and return paperwork, including the names and personal information of two people who will serve as witnesses [cannot be family members; must be Argentines with DNI]
  • You may be required to provide additional documentation proving that any previous marriages were legally terminated, either by death or divorce.
  • Fees [$40 pesos payable at Banco de la Provincia—you cannot pay at the Civil Registry]
We went for a civil union and that was complicated enough. Check whether both your witnesses must have DNI in Capital Federal. Let us know if you do a gay bridal registry and buck's night, that could be a lot of fun in Buenos Aires. โชคดี!