Marriage Question!


Hello all! long time no see!
I am pouring my troubles here as a last resource because I am hopelessly lost with marriage questions.
Ok, My boyfriend is from the UK, and I am an Argentine/Italian dual citizenship. I travel next week to the UK and we wanted to get married there, I am staying 23 days there, and it seems that I cannot get married because of something like 2 2 days difference.. since you have to give notice of 7 day residency and they count it as 9 (they count the fist and the day you give notice as 2 of the 7 days) so after you give notice you get the 15 (16 real days) days for someone to make a claim that this marriage wouldn't be valid, and THEN after all those days, you get your marriage license. you can get married the same day... the problem is that I arrive August 1st and my flight gets back here the 23rd... and I would be able to marry the 25th.. which is a bank holiday in the UK .... big LOLL!!!
I have no way to change the date on my travel so, the only thing we can do is work a way around it, I am writing to the church of england as of now! to see if there is any difference even if it costs more. It would be good to say I am entering the UK with my italian passport and marrying with that one.
If that turns out to be impossible... and he comes here in January to get married here... Do I have to marry with my Argentine passport? can I use my Italian one?
Do I get recognized my marriage with my italian citizenship if we marry here? since the intention is to go live abroad with him.. I would need to get everything sorted out with my italian one rather than my argie one..

Any recommendations?? is there any diocese that takes less than 23 days for this to happen? or has anyone heard of anyone getting married with a special permission due to travel purposes faster than this days I mention above?

If I am able to pull this off in august.. and marry with my italian passport... would I be able to register that marriage in Argentina also?

this is sort of confusing, but for migratory purposes I wish and want to use my italian one.



Here in Argentina, it doesn't matter what passport you use. However, please be aware that it is not a quick process and can take a month or two to get done. You have to do a blood test and also set up a date with the local registro. Marrying at the church in Argentina does not mean anything at all in the legal sense, so you have to do a casamiento civil. All people who get married in Argentina must do at least the casamiento civil, and then they usually do a church wedding on top of it if they like, although sometimes not. If you do it in Argentina I recommend you do it with your Argentine passport/doc. But you might want to ask someone who knows British/Italian immigration laws on that one. I find it highly unlikely you can get it done quickly.


It's not doable quickly, the ceremony has to be done 28 days in advance (heard but not confirmed that it's down to 14 now).
Best of luck.
We got married in Ireland and found a friendly local lawyer to carry the torch for us at the local registry office (or whatever it's called) to legalise or register our marriage here. A judged signed something today, it's creeping ever closer to completion but it's a long process. The guy did it for us as a favour and doesn't handle these sorts of requests so i couldnt recommend him.


Why don't you enter the UK with your Italian passport? Seems pretty straightforward....
Yes! i am entering with my Italian passport! if I used the Argentinian one I would need a special visa to be able to get married in the UK.
The thing is everything is in order, the only problem I encounter is that I had the exact days (23) to get married, but i didn't know they counted 9 days for the notice at the registry office since every page says 7 days... so I thought well, I get there the August 1st, hand in the notice for my 7 day residency the 7th... and silly me I thought it ok, and now they told me at the registry office that august 1st and august 8 are what they count as FULL 7 days... so on the 9th i would be able to get started with the 15 full days... and that would end up being 25 days... not 23... and I already have the plane ticket to get back and everything set at work etc and I can't change it... so bummer me I can't get married because of 2 days!!! and it seems that everywhere is the same... I think in Scotland there might be a slight chance... but I am trying to see if I can do it in Reading still... this is such a turn down :(


Every country has its specific requirements in case of marriage between a resident and a non-resident.
Here in Argentina, as somebody said, you have to allow 30 days to be able to marry, and one of you must be a resident here. No further paperwork required because the spouse is a foreigner.

In Italy it all would be much complicated (he would require a lot of other docs to be able to marry in Italy). So forget about it.
For the UK, I don't know. All that waiting seams ruling out the UK, as well.

Have you considered to marry at your final destination? Perhaps that would simplify everything. Besides, you would need a translation of your marriage certificate if you plan on using it abroad for immigrating with your spouse.

The marriage is valid worldwide, just report it to your local embassy once you are done, so that it gets transcript in Italy.
(There is no automatic reporting, you have to pursue your own interests)


People in transit (same or different sex) can get married in the city of Buenos Aires within 5 days of requesting it at the Registro Civil.


The rules in Scotland are different, but I am not sure exactly what they are....

Gretna Green wasa placed used by many English people to get married if they had problems with papers.

It is situated just over the border

Might be worth a try