Married to Argentine and my Federal Taxes


I am getting all my tax information together and am wondering if anyone is married to an Argentine and has filed with them as the spouse. I really need the married deduction so I can keep a little more of my money. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


I am not a CPA, but I did marry an Argentine. I am assuming you are a US citizen and your wife is Argentine. If you married in the USA in 2008 you can claim her as a dependant/spouse/joint (if she truely is). If you married in Argentina and NOT in the USA I don't think you can b/c (i am told) the US (and Argentina) does not recongize US/Argentine marriages. I legally married in both places. I suggest you consult a CPA. Good luck!


Danc, I married an Argentine in Buenos Aires and the marraige was formally recognized by the State Dept. and DHS, my wife got a spouse visa and permanant residency based on that marraige. What makes you think otherwise?


I could be wrong, but that was the advice given to my by my lawyer. If I recall, since was married while on a tourist visa in Argentina, the US govt would not consider it valid (vice versa my wife in the USA). I think if both people have legal perminant residence in the country they intend to marry then both countries legally recognize the validity of marriage. We did things slightly different by marrying first then seeking perminant residence second...worked for us.


I will be doing something similar in June : Argentine Fiance comes here with a tourist visa, we get married and then go to Argentina - I checked with the State Dept and they said that was the best way to do it.
Will Argentina recognize our marriage?

Also, I was advised by my CPA that I should wait until next year to find out whether filing jointly or having me file separately would be best in terms of refunds. So I am assuming that you can file jointly.


Well, there may be some difference between Canada and the USA with this marriage recognition, but if you want to have a wedding here in Argentina with the full registro civil etc you may find you will have to get married here in BA FIRST and then in the USA.

I speak from experience. -->

We got married in Canada last year, never told anyone here because we thought we'd be doing the whole thing over again here, and we knew his mum etc would be so upset that we had done it without them.

So few weeks before our BA wedding we go down to the registro civil to get our appointment -- and they tell us no, they cannot legally marry us because we are already married elsewhere. The only thing they can do is a tramite administrativo where they put a stamp on our certificate and legalise it here in Argentina. But they can't do a proper ceremony and they can't give us a libreta.

Of course my husband just goes grey. What are we going to do? it's been 10 months since we got married, it's not exactly the type of news you want to break to your family after so long.... After a bit of debate we decided that 1) there's just too many people we'd have to break it to and 2) the Argentine family was so looking forward to the wedding of their eldest son that we couldn't possibly rob them of that experience.

So I shit you not -- we hired an actor. We told everyone that we had paid an extra fee to have a Judge come to us and marry us at the quinta instead of us going to the Registro Civil. So our actor studied up did the whole ceremony based on her sister's video of her own civil ceremony, added a few words of her own, and it all went off perfectly and the Argentine family all had the emotional experience they deserved.

5 years from now we'll probably break it to the family and we can all have a good laugh about it.

Icing on the cake.... (pun intended) .... we got married on April 1st, so I guess you could say we really did fool them all.