Mauricio is Kirchner


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Hello everyone,
I found this on the Daily Mail this morning. It is obvious that Kirchner is either not very famous in the UK, or the Daily Mail think he's just too ugly to put his picture in the paper...



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Thanks for that Ernie. Tres drole. I even posted a comment on the Daily Mail website, pointing out the error. I also posted another comment criticising the jingoistic attitude of the Brits (for I am a Brit) towards the Malvinas.Neither were published.
Apropo how much the Brits know about Argentina, I posted a question on a computer forum based in the which I use a lot.
The question was...'when the subject of Argentina is mentioned, what springs to your mind?'
Bearing in mind that most of the forum contributors are young students, some of the responses were vaguely alarming to say the least. Here are some:
Poor,corrupt, good fotballers
Pretty women
Maradona is a cheat
The F***cklands
Lots of sunshine
They've all got nice hair....?????***
They export beef
They are very hot headed :)
Are they Peruvians?....heh?
They cut down trees for McDonalds
They've all got moustaches.
I nearly fell of my chair when I read that lot :)


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I must agree with one of the kids who responded. Maradona was a good football player, not a sportsman, which I would have preferred.