Max Purchase US$200 per Month for individuals..!

Rich One

Jul 17, 2012
AS of of tomorrow individuals can purchase only US$200 cash per month. OMG, What pressure may this pose on the Blue.
And here we go.. This is for all the intelligent individuals that voted for the K's. Enjoy yourselves it's about to get 'fun'
FYI Alberto F asked MM a limit of 2000 usd, so, go and complain with the President: Mauricio Macri.
Excerpt from the Clarin article:
...."Given the current degree of uncertainty, the Board of Directors of BCRA decided to take a series of measures this Sunday that seek to preserve the reserves of the Central Bank. The announced measures are temporary, until December 2019," they said in a statement.
The entity (
BCRA) explained that the new limit will be "US$200 per month for the purchase of dollars by individuals with a bank account and US$100 dollars for those purchasing with cash" (at official currency exchange entities) and that both amounts "are not cumulative".
.....the head of the monetary entity, Guido Sandleris, said the measure is "to preserve international reserves" during the transition of government, after the electoral victory of Alberto Fernández....
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The official rate is still at 59 but let’s see what it closes at.
In Cuba they have luxury shops where you can only spend US dollars.