Medical Insurance to travel to US


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I am researching for my eventual move to Argentina late next year or early 2012. I am too young for Medicare so I am hoping someone out there knows the answer to my question.

While living in Argentina I will have medical insurance (Swiss or Aleman, no se) but I want to return to the US annually for a couple of months and want to know if there is any type of temporary insurance I can have while in the US-I certainly do not want to pay for annual individual medical insurance in the US for the 2 months I will be there--cannot afford it).

Or would my Argentina medical insurance cover me when I travel and if so can I rely on them to cover US medical expenses? I cannot see how they would as US medical costs are so prohibited.

I believe I can buy Travel Insurance to travel to the US but not 100% certain. Also, I am not sure if they are any good or reliable. Anyone know anything about this?

FYI - I will continue to keep a home in the US-not sure if that complicates things.

I appreciate any info that can be provided.




I go to the states a few months a year and I buy a medical assist plan from USA-assist (do a search for website). I buy the medical gold program which more or less is for emergencies, not for things like checkups. I am not sure if they pay out, because I never made a claim. I notice you can become an agent and get a discount, if you have a business or a website.

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i use world nomads when i travel away from argentina. It's the cheapest I've found, but again I've never had to claim


Hi Bruce,
If you are still looking for some advice on medical insurance in Argentina I can put you in contact with someone I know who is absolutely honest and reliable. Just drop me a line and I'll send you her mail address.

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i have Medicus and they cover up to either 60 days or 90 days abroad (sorry - can't remember!). I believe Swiss medical does similar plans as well that have international coverage.


Hi Bruce

I don't know about other providers. We have OSDE and when on vacation in Maine ended up in the emergency room with a sick child. I assumed I would have to pay the hospital and chase OSDE for a reimbursement. The hospital would not take my money. They accepted our OSDE card and OSDE payed them, all no questions asked.



Medicus covers up to 60 days abroad. The best and most important medical insurances are: OSDE and MEDICUS

fred mertz

My Hospital Britanico plan covers for up to to US$10,000 for world wide travel. Not sure if that's per incident, per year or per ?? Regardless, that amount would pay for a couple of bandaids and asperin in a EEUU hospital.


Most private insurance plans have a rider here for international coverage. My Swiss Medical did and my new plan with OSDE also covers me. IIRC, you may have to pay a little extra per month for this but its worth it.