I will be traveling to BsAs in August, staying about 6 month. I am currently on a number of medications, my concern is getting refills for them. Will pharmacys honor my current perscriptions or must I see a physician there to get new perscriptions. Those of you that have had experience on this matter please advise.
Gracias, Carl


donquixote, please make sure you have presciptions of every medicine you take. Bring it to Argentina with you, then find yourself a medical care provider when you get to Argentina and present all your presciptions then.
My friend who is a diabetic, always carries duplicates of the prescriptions. Pharmacies here carry most of the expensive, non-generic medicines, but you of course have to pay the price. We found one pharmacy on Ave. Cabildo that gives 25% discount on presciptions.
Argentina is actually very progressive on the medications that they carry and made available to the public.