Meet for Coffee?


Nov 9, 2008
Hi, I moved to Buenos Aires about a month ago with my husband and would love to go out for a coffee and meet some new people in the city. I am living in Palermo and am a 31 year old from the US, Texas to be exact. Is anyone interested? Best wishes, Joanna
It depends on what part of Texas. 214? We can meet, but the 972... I don't think so. (Of course the 469 is entirely too vague to stereotype.) 512 is always welcome and it depends on what area of the 714... that's really touch & go. In the past I wouldn't talk to 817ers, but now I find them refreshly laid back. 210 is fine just as long as I don't have to drive behind you on the 410.

He he. Thanks for the good laugh. You'll be happy to hear I'm from the Live Music Capital. I am guessing you are from Texas too. Where?
I grew up in the 214 and it's still the 214. I went to school in the 512... left... went home. Community college in the 972... Took a year to work in the 303 (now 970) in what used to be Texas, but is now called "Colorado". Returned and did the 972 before finishing my degree at THE 512.

Then I moved out to the 310 (and later the 323) in the City of Angels. I would drive back and forth, so I would take the 30 to the 20 to the 10. (It's very 310/323/213/818 to say "The ##" instead of "I-##" like in Texas.) I drove through the 817 and then the 432 (where they were missing their Village Idiot) before hitting the 915 on my way out of the state.

I've driven over most of the state. Obviously not all the little towns, but I've left the state taking every major highway possible, so I know the big & medium-sized cities. And then it's impossible not to meet people from everywhere when you go to college.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hi Joana, My boyfriend and I arrived in BA from the United States a few weeks ago and have been looking to meet interesting folks. We'd love to meet up for coffee sometime if you are still looking for company.
Sounds great! I will send you a private email.

Anyone else interested in joining us?
hi.... i would like to meet some people as well... we have been traveling a lot but we are now back in BA... my husband is from here and i am from phoenix.... let me know what is going on and we or atleast i will try and make it ..
Hi All! I have gotten a bunch of great responses from women who are interested in getting a cup of coffee. I think what I will do is send a private group email to you all with a possible time and location for us all to get together this week. If there is anyone else out there that is interested in joining us, send me a message. Looking forward to meeting you all! Joanna
Joanna said:
I think what I will do is send a private group email to you all with a possible time and location for us all to get together this week.

Or you can create an event in our calendar and ask people who want to meet up to RSVP.