Mendoza, San Juan, info please...


Feb 11, 2008
We have some friends from the states coming roughly in June and we plan to drive to Mendoza, San Juan and beyond.

Can anyone help out with hotels that are good and reasonable...wineries that are a "must see" and ones not worth seeing...are the wine tours worth the money or is it easy to just drive from one to the next??

Thanks so much for any and all information!
I have just been in the region last month and I could recommend that you check this page They have a very good selections of hotels, apart-hotels and temporary apartments. It's very good, you pay online and no problem.
I didn't see the rest of the question. Basically, the most stunning and worth visiting wineries are located in the Valle de Uco, some 100km south west of Mendoza city. It's really amazing. The thing is that there are a lot of wineries. The ones I visited and highly recommend are Salentein, Andeluna, Lurton. The three of them produce top-notch wine and the setting couldn't be more idillyc.

Arranging a private tour or driving themselves depends on if they want to drink a lot (therefore not drive) and if they want to visit a lot in a single day without the hassle of driving and getting lost. Having a good map is really essential because the locations of the wineries are sometimes hard to find. But roads are good (at least to reach those three roads are all paved). If your friends love wine locations maybe they can consider staying in that region overnight. The town of Tupungato is charming and small, and has a good selection of affordable hotels.

Well, hope it helped
Thank you leanuk!!! Great info and will put Valle de Uco and Tupungato on the list of where we will go with our friends for sure!!

They both LOVE red wine and know a lot about your suggestions of the 3 wineries is so appreciated!