Metallica concert in January!


Apr 21, 2009
Guys,...Metallica is doing a show in River Plate, Buenos Aires on 21st January, 2010.
I really want to go, but need some companions to go along with. If anybody's interested , please post here. We can go as a group and have some fun.
Is anybody going for the AC/DC show next week?
I'll be living in Belgrano from January to April, and am definitely interested in going! Any recommendations on where the best seats are in Estadio River Plate?
Ok. I am finally tagging along with a guy from office, so not going alone at atleast. :)
lpt, I am going for the 'Campos' , I guess its the open area where everyone stands and shouts....might be I dont know about the other seats. Maybe if you see the stadium map, you will get an idea. The best seats cost around 380 pesos.
Hi everyone. I read above tickets are sold for all 3 shows. Is this so??...The best seat are first platea at left or right. We went to acdc last week on field and it was out of control. I strongly recomend getting seats.
I think for now metalica is showing only one show but will come up with at least two more. I do not recomend campo (field) is very crampy, pushy, swetty, and it gets down right dangerous. I experienced it in acdc. It took us an hour to get out of the middle. Some people fainted. Awfull.