Mexico Legalises Gay Marriage


Jul 13, 2005

The legislation goes further than a 2006 city law allowing civil unions by giving gay couples access to the same family social security benefits and joint loans as straight couples.
Argentina became the first Latin American country to allow civil unions across the country by same-sex couples in 2002.
But a push for full gay marriage hit a snag earlier this year when a court blocked a local judge in Buenos Aires who issued a marriage license to two men, defying a national ban. The couple has pledged to fight the court's ruling.
Neighboring Uruguay also allows gay civil unions and became the first country in Latin America to permit adoption by gay couples in September.

So now I'm curious, will these marriages be recognised here? What with Mexico already a popular holiday spot for Argentines, and it's popularity as a spot for destination weddings, I won't be surprised if it becomes the destination of choice for gay Argentine couples wishing to marry -- but what happens when they come home? Will the marriage go unrecognised? I suspect that Argentina won't be too far behind on changing legislation now that Mexico has legalised it.

Congrats Mexico!!

So now Mexico joins Canada in allowing gay marriage in North America.