Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows 8



Above is the advert for it, there's little by way of technical specifications or absolute pricing yet but it 10 days they will be readily available (In the US at least).

This may be another point of which tablet to choose for our members here and for travellers in general. I'm a little iffy with Windows 8 as a desktop but that's mostly due to having used the developer edition and it wasn't fully refined - it is faster than 7 though, so I'm not suggesting it's not worthwhile.

With your Microsoft Account you can share content from the cloud on both your tablet and your desktop in a similar vein as to how Apple and Google already operate.

If anyone knows what a rickroll is you might also be able to hear one within the first 24 seconds of the advert - It's a touch dated but fun to see Microsoft branch out from their usual conservative advertisements.

Mostly this post is just me trying out the video feature here, but please any and all comments are welcome about your thoughts on Microsoft's entry into the tablet market proper ;)