Military parade to celebrate 9 de julio

on the brink

Oct 3, 2016
Military parades were the traditional celebration many years ago, but got discontinued after the Malvinas war. Macri had one five years ago - nothing since then.

Starts at 10:30 - down Libertador from Aguero, past the Hipodromo and all the way to Olleros in Palermo.

Thrilled to hear hay plata again apparently. Surely Pato Bullrich will be suing the army for the cost of any damage to roads, right?
It used to be a happy day for families with children, waving small blue and white flags and feeling glad about being Argentines together. We were proud to watch our handful of ancient WW2 second-hand tanks, and the skier batallion dressed all in white, carrying their crossed skis over their shoulders.

We cheered the Granaderos band on horseback, blasting the Marcha de San Lorenzo. They came complete with a soldier bringing up the back, pushing a little cart with a broom to clean up after the horses.

That was waaaaay back before the military dictatorships, when the armed forces were seen as "Defensores de La Patria"