Miss Peanut butter? Vegetarian?


Aug 2, 2006
~some people have read this but I think it deservs its own section so people dont miss it. ~Im going to say this once (more).. and maybe people will stop talking about
Peanut Butter on this site all the damn time. EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS IN
CHINA TOWN!!! I have found everything I craved in china town, hummus,
peanut butter, tahina, Grape Soda, curry, spices, Ramen noodles with
the msg flavour packs, Wasabi peas, mexican hot sauce, rooster sauce,
BUBBLE TEA!, a french press for 11$ pesos, kitch decor, TOFU, .. and
more and more and more and more and more. There is no problem being vegan or Vegetarian in this city either if you shop in china town. So If anyone wants to stop
complaining about how much they miss this stuff.. China town in the
place to go. Take bus 59, 60, 118 and numerous others to the BELGRANO
STATION, cross the railroad tracks and take an immediate LEFT. you are
there. GO NOW!!
Thanks for that I'll check that out sometime soon. As a vegetarian I was a little worried that eating here would be a nightmare but it's been great to be honest, I think I'm lucky due to the area I live in but there are veggie restaruants all around here..... plus over the holidays I had the a vegan pizza that was the best pizza I might have had in my life but unfortunatly the stores closed down now.
I found a lot of places via this site - http://www.alimentosparalavida.com.ar/restaurantes.php although it seems to be down at the moment.
FYI - you can get Skippy peanut butter at Jumbo in Palermo. There you will also find pretzels, cranberry raisins, cranberry sauce, tortilla chips, rye bread, couscous, taco sauce, refried beans....the list goes on.
Be careful with the PB at Jumbo. After day 4 of a hike in Torre del Paines we were shocked to notice our Jumbo PB said best if eaten before Sept. 2002. The Skippy in Chinatown is sometimes in Chinese but the package is the same.