MNF: The Cowboys beat the Eagles


The Cowboys beat the Eagles when Donovan McNabb didn't throw the ball away on 3rd down and took a big sack for a loss setting up 4th and 17. The Eagles failed to convert and the Cowboys won 41 to 37.
Although Tony Romo had several brain farts in the game, Donovan was the big loser when the game was on the line.
I found the game entertaining.


Discuss what? My favorite quote, "American Football is to men what daytime Soap Opera's are to house wives". Now Soccer (Football outside of the USA) is a true sport, I can watch and get into that. The DOW dropped 500 points yesterday, that's what I care about - reality, not games........ BTW, what's a brain fart? Is that another name for a GWB speech? OK, there's my "Discuss"...... that was kinda fun...