Monedero Cards - any luck finding a station with one?


Anybody know what station actually has monedero cards in stock? I have been to about 10 stations so far and every time I ask they say they are out. Any help would be greatly appreciated - I just hate killing trees!!!!! :D

-J from LA


I bought my card at a station without any problem but maybe 5 months ago, so I cannot tell you about the state of Monedero cards in a particular station today.

I can say, according to the website, they also sell them at those 25 Horas maxikioscos that are everywhere in Capital. Here`s a list of the ones that supposedly sell it:

By logic and experience, I would think it might be easier to find one there because the natural place to buy one of those cards would be a subte station, which is where I imagine they run out first. If it was me, I would try a 25 Horas outside of a major shopping center area (like Abasto) or busy microcentro.

And since Argentine businesses and government offices are horrible about keeping things in stock, who KNOWS when the stations will get a new supply, no? Suerte!


Hola eastman747, not sure if this is a bit far for you but you can try the Humberto Primo station on the H line (the newest line). Since it's new and it's the connection to Jujuy on E line, they are quite prepped there. Also, I'd guess that they don't have a huge amount of traffic like those in Microcentro, they should still have them in stocks.
So far, I have had no problem helping others to get a hold of the card there.
Good luck!