Moneygram transfer

Yeah but WU fees are outrageous. The fee for a 3500 transfer is 224+ while MG is only 1.99. When MG works, it works. This is the first time I am having a bad experience with MG. When we had the free codes for WU, it was a good alternative. And I also feel it's disrespectful to go to WU location to pick up cash and be told you can't receive transfer anymore.
Some people just don't understand math.
I sent one 90 minutes ago, and it just arrived successfully in my Wife's Banco Galicia account.
Wonderful, thanks for sharing!
I will try one. I am still waiting for a refund for 2 canceled transactions last week.
original post deleted for this update:
I have also sent a small test and will post results. fingers crossed.
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