More precedents against the DNU 70/2017


A new precedent from another Federal Chamber declared the DNU 70/2017 unconstitutional in very hard terms.9EBFEA38-A34C-493F-9BF5-5D2BCB6BD95D.jpeg
It says that the own negligency of Immigration does not allow the President to enact a DNU because the immigrant is a victim of it and not responsible.


Today I was notified of another leading precedent of another Chamber of appeals declaring the unconstitutionally of DNU 70/2017.

I just mention leading cases but after one of them, there are 20/30 desicions alike in the same week. So, from the 240 cases I have, in 30% of the the DNU was declared unconstitutional, in 50% of them judges do not even mention it, and the remain 20% was enforced but with a short life.

The 2 judges who declared it constitutional, one is with an impeachment trial and the other under criminal prosecutor.

While the 3 judges of the Chamber that declared it constitucional are under criminal investigation.

Not needed to clarify that Who is behind the impeachments and criminal cases.

MM, Patricia Bullrich and the Director of immigration are under criminal investigation.

Next week I start prosecuting the lawyers of immigration who signs the deportation orders using fake facts.