Mosquito bites - protect yourself


With the current dengue problem going around, I would like to share a secret with my fellow expats. One sure way to repel mosquitoes is with GARLIC. Eat one to two fresh cloves of RAW garlic daily and you will not be bitten by mosquitoes. I know I am going to catch a lot of flack about this suggestion, but it does work. Years ago I used to go camping in upstate New York and each morning my camping buddies used to wake up with red welts all over from the agressive mountain mosquitoes. I on the other hand never got bitten, not even once! Yes some people will make a "stink" about the smell, but hey do you prefer to repel a few GARLIC haters or dengue laden insects. Good luck.


That's very interesting, David.

I've read this account of Dengue fever from this American gal who got it when she lived in Panama City.

Most graphic & nothing I ever want to get:

Good thing I like a little bit of raw garlic on top of my cooked dishes.

Not just hot & delicious, but keep the skeeters & Dengue away too..


I don't want to put a dampener on the hysteria but does anyone know if there's been a confirmed case of dengue contracted in Buenos Aires?


Only in the northern area of the province. Just a wee question about the garlic - can you swallow the cloves whole? Or is it a case of munching every last gram of the delectable stuff?


There is much truth to this. However, the real key is raw fresh garlic. Ideally to be crushed within your mouth by your own teeth. The reason is that the beneficial enzyme called Allicin only occurs when the garlic is raw and recently crushed. Allicin loses it's potency very quickly and becomes worthless when cooked or when it sits past about five minutes.


I also have heard of a case or two of dengue in Capital Federal. People are being careful with the mosquito issue and there is apparently a run on mosquito repellant. As well some people have complained to defensa al consumidor as certain stores have recently raised the prices on repellant due to the increased demand. As for the garlic it's most effective if eaten raw, as Lucas mentioned above, the active enzyme, Allicin is released only when crushed fresh. Swallowing the clove whole does work, however what will happen is it will be broken down by stomach acid and will cause a hot to burning sensation as this process unfolds between the hydrochloric acid and the allicin in your stomach, so I don't recommend swallowing the clove whole. One option to make the clove more palatable is to chew the clove with a spoonful of honey. Enjoy!


Just use a hand held garlic press and squeeze the cloves into a small glass of fresh lemon juice.

Drink it quickly it and you won't have bad breath, either.

It's really very health promoting.


5 cases out of 15,000,000 people? Or are we talking Capital area exclusively? Then 13,000,000 people.

Chances of:
dying on a bicycle 1:4,472
being murdered 1:18,000
dying in a car accident 1:18,585
winning an Olympic medal: 1:662,000
drowning in a bathtub: 1:685,000
being struck by lightning: 1:576,000
meteor landing on your house: 1:182,138,880,000,000

Just joking around. (I pulled the figures off the internet and don't stand by them). Dengue is very serious take precautions, but look out for meteors at the same time!