I was walking the streets today with Google Maps showing me the way. While I was crossing the pedestrian crossing, a moto approached me. I tried he was trying to cut me off, as so many cars do here when I cross a pedestrian crossing. He slowed down and stopped. I thought it was because I almost had crossed the street and there was no place for him to pass. Then the guy grabbed the arm in which I was holding my phone and with his other hand he took the phone out of my hand. It took a couple of seconds to get my phone out of my hand. When I realised what had happened, I saw him driving away. I ran after him, but of course I could not follow him. The next block, he turned the corner.

Here is where my phone was stolen:

I lost a phone of 270 euros, I reordered the same one (I will be home in a week). Normally I mitigate this kind of things by using a cheap phone in Argentina, but the battery of my old phone died, that is why I was using my main phone. I will be forced to buy a cheap phone here tomorrow (so I can communicate again with the people I know here.)

It was the first time I have been violently robbed. If I would have known what was happening, I could have kicked the guy of his moto (he was alone).


First of all sorry this happened to you. In 20 years of living and working in Argentina I've only had one attempt at someone stealing my phone and it was a kid on a bicycle that swiped my iPhone out of my hand but fortunately he dropped it. But I have had MANY friends and employees and co-workers locally that have had their phones stolen. Especially in the subway.


Toongeorges, Sorry to hear you had this experience sucks for sure. But good to post it so perhaps newbies can be aware.


I'm very sorry about that. Displaying your cell phone in public in Buenos Aires is an invitation to snatching.