Motorcycle insurance in Argentina...?

Nick Herridge

Hi..I'm shipping my motorcycle to BA and am trying to find a company that will insure a British registered bike in Argentina. If anyone has any experience of insuring a foreign vehicle of any kind please get in touch as I cannot get my bike thru Customs without an insurance certificate.
Much appreciated


I use Liberty Seguros, their phone # is +5411 4104-0000 or 0800-222-3700.
Just a question, how are you able to bring in a vehicle from overseas, are you a diplomat? I was told nothing over 150cc is allowed to be imported, at least without 100% duties.
Good luck,


Have you checked into import duties?? We were going to ship our new car from the states, to BA and luckily found out in time that it would have cost us about 3 times the value of the car in taxes!!! Customs puts the value of the car at what it would sell for here and bases the taxes on such.

Make sure you have checked everything out...and double checked it before you ship your motorcycle.

Best of luck!