Movie rentals - classic old stuff


Jan 13, 2008
I am wondering if ayone is aware of a DVD rental place in BA (either downtown or in Vicente Lopez) that has a decent collection of classic old movies. My Argentine girlfriend is a movie peasant and needs some education!!!

I mean great old Hollywood movies (Brando, John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, that sort of stuff) and European classics (Truffaut, Godard, Chabrol, that sort of thing).

While my Spanish remains a bit weak, I can usually make out the subtitles and speak French and English (or so I am told!).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cheers, RR
wreReynolds, there is a movie rental place on Gorostiaga (between Libertador and LM Campos) for oldies but goodies USA movies (classics). I remember it being being next to where the old BlockBuster used to be when it was still on Gorostiaga (it moved somewhere else).
Give it a a good browse, I am sure you will find some very good treasures there. Suerte!
+1 on the place on gorostiaga.
Its our local and they have loads of good stuff.
Fundacion Liberarte , Bs As arty DVD /Vhs rentals. Avenida Corrientes, 1555 PB
There you can find Buñuel, Kubrick, Passolini, French New wave plus plenty of jewels