Moving Equipment


Nov 24, 2008
Hi there
I am preparing to move and still need some things. Hopefully anyone knows where best get the following.

1. I need carton boxes. Tried DHL, but they don't sell unless one wants to send sth with them... Does anybody know, if JUMBO or so sells cartons?!

2. Bubble wrap. Anybody know where to get that from?

3. Are there experiences with Correo Argentina regarding sending stuff overseas? I am planning to send some items/boxes to Germany. A big framed picture, too. UPS, DHL and FedEx are excessively expensive and their prices are almost exactly the same here as they are in Europe... like with air fares...

4. I might have a washing machine for sale, which is in excellent condition and an old TV (but doesn't work so well anymore). So if somebody knows where to sell things like that best... or is even interested in it?!

I think that's all. Big Thanks to every idea and help.


Box & Bags
Ivan Maranz / owner
[email protected]

We used the company above for boxes, bubble wrap, and corrugated rolls of cardboard.

They carry both types of boxes...corrugated and non...just know that what they call corrugated here is very thin still...the rolls of corrugated make up for the thickness and are good to use for extra padding and wrapping.

Also, the corrugated is about double the price of the non.

If you order more than 40 or so boxes you get 10% discount...but you need to ask for the discount....they deliver too.

The owner speaks English...and they will email you a price list...good guy...but need to just pay attention to the prices and get a quote emailed to you before they deliver. We had issues, but they corrected it and repaid us.

Hope that is of help!