Moving household items from B.A. to NY


Hi, I need to move some items (a few pieces of furniture and a few boxes) from my former husband's apartment in B.A. He passed away 10 years ago. I contacted a moving company that told me this isn't possible unless a person is also moving from the address which is impossible because he is dead. Any suggestions as to how to handle this? Thank you!


Other members have posted that, because they did not have residency and a DNI, that they were unable to ship their houshold goods out of the country when leaving.

Obvioulsy, a liviing person with a DNI would have to be the sender of the items.

A despanchante aduana (customs broker) would be the best person to ask and might be able to provide the name of a living "sender" with a valid DNI.

Nikad (a member of this site for 15 years) and others who have follwed her advice have used Dinamo International Movers.

If you enter "international movers" in the search box you will find many threads on the subject.