Moving in 2010


Feb 22, 2009
Hi everyone, I am new to the site and am planning to move to Bs. As. at the end of this year for school. Interestingly enough, I am argentinian by birth but have been back and forth between LA and Bs As since i was 5. Moved to LA 7 years ago to work and now i am feeling like going back to school...

Anyways, I am nervous since i have never lived there as an adult. My spanish is perfect and i am still in touch with a few friends from high school but I am curious about some things...

Renting a room: is this done in Bs As? At 25 i cant fathom the idea of living with my family and I would like to find something affordable (isn't that a relative term?) and close to school

Work: I have worked the past 7 years in LA in a miriad of jobs: landscape architect, public relations, etc all with no formal training... How easy/hard will it be to get work? I understand that my income will not be the same but I would like it to be decent in proportion to the cost of living.

Also.. anyone have any input on up and coming neighborhoods? Just like New York, Bs As is constantly evolving. When i left in 2001 what is now palermo holywood and palermo soho where undesirable neighborhoods cheap to rent/buy and now... well if you guys live there im sure you know..
In an effort to be on the curve i was wondering, living in Bs As any suggestions on neighborhoods that are artsy and have potential to be cool but not gentrified and overpriced?

Thanks so much..

besos xx

People rent flats rather than rooms. Happily if you land a decent job renting a flat won't be too prohibitive. Rent doesn't take such a huge bite out of income here, providing you earn a decent enough salary.

Workwise - its there, entry level jobs are badly paid, but you should probably be able to jump a few rungs on the ladder by being bi-lingual and having direct experience working in the US market, which loads of companies value highly. Just got to pick a path and stick to it....

Palermo "queens" is getting a good bit of buzz - the area of palermo a bit further towards collegiales, near dorrego market. It pretty much exactly fits your description - artsy, being gentrified slowly and lots of potential. Plus its quiet, peaceful and has some great properties with good transport access and more sensible pricing.


dont you think craigslist for BA is all americans? I love CL here in the states but i find the few times ive looked its all americans (expats) posting to rent to foreigners at dollar rates?... was wondering your input..?

JP: thanks for the barrio suggestion.. i will start looking!
A few of the posts I've seen on CL BA are Argentines that are operating "rooming houses" (especially in San Telmo) as a business. Yes, some are Americans. There are also quite a few rooms to rent in "regular" apartments. If you are looking for a room as opposed to an apartment/flat that's what they have to offer.

Rates are traditionally quoted in dollars for short term rentals (anything less than two years). With the recent decline in the value of the peso, dollar rates are being used more often for other things as well.
You shouldn't have a problem finding a room - craigslist is a possibilty, if you are on facebook, there are quite a few groups for apt/room rentals.

Of course if you have a guarantia, you could probably rent an entire apt quite inexpensively (although then you have to furnish it).

Salaries here are definitely a lot lower - to give you a background, we're paying our team on average 4.000 pesos a month (so around 12.5 USD per year). Of course that comes with 3 weeks of vacation and the 13th month bonus. If you're coming back, I would start networking like crazy with US based companies that have offices in Bs As, since you won't need sponsorship for work, you're bi-lingual & you have US experience, you can probably find a more US-based salary.

Most of the big US companies have a presence here - IBM, Microsoft, JPM, Sun, American Express, Accenture, etc.

Buena suerte!
citygirl said:
Of course if you have a guarantia, you could probably rent an entire apt quite inexpensively (although then you have to furnish it).
If you don't have a guarantia but e.g. know a reliable lawyer yourself (if not, then an abogado friend of a friend) , you can "buy" or "rent" a guarantia like getting an insurance.
I find Almagro quite charming and rents affordable, more of a local flavor....