Moving In A Few Months But....


May 25, 2017
Hey guys I'm moving to Buenos Aires in a few months but the one thing I can't seem to get a hold of doing is actually moving with my belonging over there.
Argentine law states that you can not have an entry into the country with cargo unless you resided for at least one year in the country but how can you reside there one year without bringing your belongings? That makes no sense to me.
My initial plan is taking two flights to Argentina, the first flight I will have my 31" spinner luggage, my carry-on laptop bag and my bike travel bag.
On the second flight I will have another luggage 28", my guitar case, and another luggage full of tools for my line of work.
I know its not economical to travel twice back and fourth from the Unites States to Argentina but is there any other way? Any ideas?
I'm not sure if I can send cargo in someones name from Argentina, they may have to pay 50% tax or something. Has anyone gone through a similar process? Thanks for any suggestions guys. I'll make it there one way or another... si o si :lol: