Moving this fall with kids


Dear Heather,

My name is Alejandra and I´m Argentinian. I have been working teaching Spanish to foreigners since 1999, and I have worked with people from abroad on other areas ever since. I don´t know if I could help you in any way, but if you need a spanish speaking friend and someone who can advise you on many respects, don´t hesitate and contact me. Good luck moving here. ALEXA3216@HOTMAIL.COM


alicia30 said:
Hi Heather! I arrived here in buenos aires two months ago, and just moved in to my apartment last week! I have to say, dealing with real estate agents here are a bit tricky. My advice is never start by saying you can pay US dollars, use it as leverage later on in the negotiation.

I live in belgrano for reasons mentioned by stucklikeglue. I also have a 18 months old who will be starting sala de 2 preschool next year in March. The only problem with belgrano is that it is quite far from downtown. If your husband doesn't mind commuting, or he works somewhere close to Belgrano, then I highly recommend it. Another thing you might want to consider is that Belgrano Day School (located on juramento and Cramer) is one of the most prestigious schools here in Buenos Aires. Lincoln School (the american school) is in Buenos Aires province, not to mention you have to pay 6000 USD just to get in. I know many expats that send their children to Belgrano Day school, so far I haven't heard any thing negative about it. I'm still learning about the city and still trying to figure out which days Disco (a large grocery store chain) has 20% off (lol) But if there is anything I can help you with feel free to PM me :)


Great feedback Alicia thank you! Looks like we are moving around the new year so I'll definitely be in touch if I have questions. So much to think about!


Hi all, brand new on this formum and just reading your interesting messages.
We are from The Netherlands, also moving to Buenos Aires end of October, with 2 little girls (2 years old and 4 months old), and will stay 2 years for my husbands work. So I am also looking for play dates, information about day care, nanny's, but also interested in tennis dates. We will stay in a temp apartment the first month, and have been advised palermo and recoletta because of my husbands work is in San Telmo (and belgrano too far away). Would you be open to share your information about schools/daycare/healthcare/etc? Trying to figure out how I can send PM's.
Best regards Frederique


Hi all, we are a young family with 2 kids ages almost 8 and 2. Live in Pilar for 3.5 years, highly recommended area to live quietly with kids and have access to the best private bilingual schools.