Moving to Argentina and employment


Jun 6, 2005
by Blackpaw (reposted to forums)
My fiance recently died and had live and worked in Argentina before we met. She loved the country and wanted us to return after we married and I was done with school. I am getting an engineering degree and she already had contacts in the fashion industry there. However, it is just me now and I still seek to fulfill our dream. As I said above, my fiance recently died. She lived in Argentina for almost a year before we met after she moved back to the States. She always talked about how wonderful her time was in Argentina and through her, I have come to love the country also and what I feel the possibilities are for me there.

Currently, I am getting my master of science in safety engineering and after I am done with school I plan to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. I plan to gain experience in the fields of Alaska and while I am doing so establish connections with companies that operate in Argentina. I am a long term planner and nothing is holding me here in the States. My whole plan for my life and the woman I loved changed tragically 5 weeks ago when she died, but her dream became our dream and I still plan to fulfill that dream.

I know there is a lot that can happen between now and then, but if I lock my teeth into something and feel it is the right thing to do, then I do accomplish that goal. Overall, I really have heard nothing, but good about Argentina. I plan to become fluent in Spanish, as much as possible, and secure employment before I move.

I also wish to establish, if possible, friendships with people already living there both expat-Americans and Argentineans already living there. This site seems like an excellent way to do that.

I have many questions and if anyone can answer them, I would be very appreciative. I was curious if once someone is there how well you are generally accepted by the natives. As I said, I plan to already know people in Buenos Aires and other areas of Argentina and I have already started getting to know Argentineans living there. However, I know from living abroad before that there are many local "customs" you must learn to be accepted and some times the best way to learn them is from people not native to the country. The more I learn about the dos and don'ts before I move the better. I already know to accept people on their terms and to live as they do as much as you can. Have any of you had difficulty with this?

Has anyone moved there with one employer and then over time gone to work for another company? If so, is it difficult to work out the visa requirements?

I have a ton of more questions, but I have written too much so far and I do not with to bore anyone. If you wish, you can write me directly at: [email protected]. Thank you for your help and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.