Moving to Buenos Aires


Jan 2, 2010
We are a family of four wanting to move to Buenos Aires. I am a freelance writer and my husband is a software/science type. We have two daughters, 10 and 12. I'm sure there are many posts on this site providing information about job possibilities, relocation suggestions etc. so if you could direct me to those, that would be great. More specifically, are any of you in the software industry with ideas about employers? We both also have backgrounds in oceanography and are interested in doing environmental/marine work as well. Thanks for any suggestions or help - really wanting to make this move!
I just wonder if you have ever visited BA. If not, how did you arrive at the decision to move here (web sites or advice from friend who live here)?
I would recommend trying to retain U.S. employment while living here. In the software industry, that is often possible. If you can earn dollars and spend pesos you will do very well. Wages in Argentine companies are substantially less than what you are used to. Best of luck, and hope you can make it work!