Mundo Bizarro Saturday July 14th!!!!

Hey guys your all invited to join us!
  • Saturday ( thats tomorrow ) July 14th at 11pm
  • Mundo Bizarro which is a cocktail lounge / bar !
  • located on Serrano 1222 very close to plaza serrano. I will be there along with some others and we thought it would be cool to invite anyone who wants to come to join us.Once you get there please call my cell phone at 1564412595 so that way we can find you . Also since we are out and about theres always the chance of us going to other places as well! here is the Mundo Bizarro's website : Hope to see you there!


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Hey guys!Oh Argentina... we keep adopting English words, which happens all over the world, so nothing new to report there, but in this case we go to the extreme of adopting the word, translating it wrong, and therefore getting the Spanish definition wrong as well!BIZARRE: English definition: strange; unusual.BIZARRO: Spanish definition: brave; courageous, gallant.Anyway, enjoy your outing at "Mundo Valiente"
Hi there!
My friends Melissa and Jonas, and me (Romina) are going to a Folk show at 10 pm, but after that we might join you at Mundo Bizarro. We will phone you when and if we get there!