Murphy Bed......


Jan 14, 2009

I live in a small studio, and I need to maximize my space.

I want to be able to put away my bed during the day, so I can look like I have a real living room.......... and look more modern, organized and spacious.

So I need a Murphy Bed...

Now I don't know if I can find a place here that has Murphy Bed's.... Is there one?...... that isn't a million pesos...

I was also thinking;........ Is making one or having one made for me....
More customized to my needs and space issues........

So my other question is: Does anyone know of a reasonable carpenter who could help me design one and make it for me?..

If so please send me the contact information so I can reach them.

Thanking you in advance,
A couple of years ago I saw a place that sells Murphy beds on Ave Belgrano. It was on the part where the majority of furniture stores are (towards the San Telmo end of Ave Belgrano). Building one could be quite complicated because of the need of springs or weights to help with the up and down of a heavy bed and mattress. Hope this helps. Tom
google ( ) for "camas rebatibles" you should find several manufacturers
I always wanted one of these, ever since watching Hong Kong Phooey!
Not quite the same thing, but we bought a very nice Sofa bed, on Corrientes between Bulnes y Salguero. It looks the part and is quite comfortable (although we have not actually slept on it ).
There is a huge range of materials that you can choose to have it covered in.
I purchased mine 3 years ago at
They're customed made to fit your needs.
Mine is very easy (and light!) to open & to close.
A kid could do it! Señor Jorge, the owner, is a very
reliable person. It will take about 3 weeks from the time
you order it. A friend of mine has just bought one from him and
she´s really happy.
I´m attaching a couple of pictures so you may have an idea
(their web page is not that great... :()
If you´re interested in seeing it before you make a decision,
contact me at: [email protected].
Good luck!



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