my visa is out can i fly to iguazu


Jul 12, 2007
After over six years living in and enjoying Argentina i have begun the process of getting legal in this country that is now my home.
I was born to hate pointless paper work and Argentina it seems was created to invent it.
When i married an Argentine in Ireland over 8 years ago the following day it took less than an hour for her to get resindency and a work permit. But here i am jumping through silly hoops sending documents back and forth accross the ocean.
My delima is my wife wants to go to FOZ DE Igauzu next week by plane and my visa is expired by three months at least. ( i was planning(yet) another visa run to Uraguay when the lastest batch of papers comes back from Europe.
So in a nutshell will Areolineas let me fly internaly in Argentina or Not.
Apologies for spelling and grammer as i am in Carilo and mildly tipsy
Foz de Iguaçu is the Brazil side of the falls. If she's flying there, it would be an international flight, and you would have to pay the fine of $300 ARG.

If you're flying to Puerto Iguazú, I've read that they let you board the plane anyway? But I don't have any personal experience with this.