Need 2 bdr apartment in Palermo


Jul 31, 2006
Help! I'm arriving in Buenos Aires March 4th and I'm looking for a 2 bed place in Palermo, preferably not too far from Plaza Italia. I need it March through December (10 months). My budget is around US$500 a month and I can pay several months upfront. Please help!
I beleive that you will find that difficult to locate something around that price fully furnished.
700 dollars for two bedroom furnished apt is about the minimum in Palermo. Unfortunately rents here are very expensive
Okay, thanks for the insight. I guess I'll set my benchmark at $700 then. Any leads? Thanks!
Hi Claudi: actually you can find lots of apartments in your price range, or around $600 if you are willing to settle for a studio or a smallish one bedroom (around 45 square meters). It also depends on the neighborhood. San Telmo, for ex, is much less expensive than Recoleta. We found a nice but small studio for $620 a month in Palermo Viejo, a trendy area with lots of great restaurants, parks, etc.
Here are a few sites to get you started. We went with the agency BYT, but they are all reliable and usually have bilingual agents. Note: you almost always have to pay several months in cash plus a deposit as soon as you arrive at the apt. The agent and the owner will meet you when you arrive. Hope this helps, all the best, Simone:
Hi Claudi,

I second the recommendation of Bytargentina. I have rented 5 places from them so far. They deal in short term rentals so you have to pay the gringo price but it is still not so bad and the pics that they provide on the site are reliable. Just be careful because they are always taken in such a way as to make the apartment look bigger than it really is. They also provide the apartment size in square meters. Take a good look at this number. Also, assume that any amenities not listed are non-existent. The advantage of using byt is that they have so many apartments that it is easy for you to pick a neighborhood that you want to stay in and just look in that area. Most other companies will only have a few listings in each area and if you don't like these places then you have to look elswehere. Since you are planning to stay almost a year you might want to go for a 1 or 2 month lease with Byt and as you create your network of contacts here in the city you might get a lead on a place in your initial price range. Deals like that do exist but you have to have your nose to the ground to get them. You usually need some kind of local connection and need to deal directly with an Argentine owner which will definately have its advantages and disadvantages. Be forewarned that Argentine business practices can differ greatly from those of other countries. If there is no problem with the place that you initially choose then you can always extend your contract there after a month or so. Another advantage of using Byt is that you could split up your stay into 3 or 4 sections and rent apartments in different nighborhoods. Every area has its charm and advantages/disadvantages. Think about how rich your experience could be if you ventured out and sampled different areas of the city.
I have a two bedroom for 700 USD a month... a couple of other possibilities as well... Email me some info... how long are you staying how many people.. I'll do my best to find something for you. I do not charge commisions or fees, none whatsoever.
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I can get you 500 email-adresses of real-estate agents if you are looking