Need a Cane


Dec 13, 2008
Hi, everybody! My husband Gene and I are visiting, staying at an apartment in San Telmo, and looking at the possibility of moving here. Our plans have been thrown a bit off track since Gene hurt his foot and can just barely walk (with some pain!). We're thinking he could get around a little bit if he had a cane. But I don't know where to go to find one for him. I assume there must be medical equipment type stores somewhere in the city. If I could find the exact location of a place, I could take him in a taxi to try it out. Any kind person out there who can help me out with some information? Appreciate it.
Hi Lauris. I don't know of an exact address, but there are many medical equipment stores around "Facultad de Medicina" along Córdoba and its side streets (walking west towards Pueyrredon - starting at 2100 and going up). If you go into one and ask for a "bastón" I'm sure they can direct you in the right location if it is not available there.
Thanks so much for the pointer. We will head over to that area and try to find a cane for him. I know where that area is because Hospital de Clinicas San Martin is where I took him to see a doctor the first day we got here. Thanks.
I don't know about medical canes (did your husband see a doctor?) but in San Telmo there is a shop with canes in the window. Beautiful ones. From the placa in the direction of La Boca and it's on the left, not so very far from the placa.
I need a cane too, i've been a very naughty boy:eek:

oops sorry wring thread:)
Thanks so much for the help everyone. Mini: we did try the place up on Defensa. Beautiful antique canes of various types. Fascinating proprietor, named Robert. WAY out of our price range. Try $US 600 range! But fun to look! Then we went over to the next block after Hospital Clinicas San Martin (where we had been to see doctors on our first day here) and found numerous medical supply stores. Thank you so much, Allcraz! We got him a fully adjustable, but still great-looking cane for only 68 pesos. It definitely is helping him to get around and of course also uplifting his spirits! Hopefully we'll get to see some of this great city during our remaining 3 weeks here. Thanks to all and here's wishing you a great holiday season!
Laurie (and Gene)
OH! I assumed they'd be a bit pricey but never thought THAT pricey. I didn't go in but I see see them in the window. They did have beautiful ones. I'm sure you wouldn't want to use a cane that expensive! Glad you found one in the end.
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