Need a Place to Crash: What's the Best Alternative?


Oct 14, 2009
Hello everyone,

Recently I began to work full-time in Microcentro. Fortunately I have an unbeatable deal for accommodation in the provincia (free), but the commute is such a pain.

I was wondering if there is any cheap accommodation near Microcentro (ie.near any of the neighborhoods closeby or a subway line, etc.) cheap enough where I could crash weekday nights, then I could go back to the provincia on weekends. I want something within the 700 pesos range. I am also willing to share a room or apartment. I'm looking for anything really.

I have heard of pensiones, but I don't know of any in particular. Does anyone know of anything available? Any good deals out there that you've come across? Any heads up would help. Thx.
I have a friend who lives in a nice hostel in the Microcenter. She really likes it ... let me contact her and get back to you.
Thanks so much! I'll be waiting for a response. I am also looking to split an apartment, but its kind of difficult to organize something when you dont know anyone.
The hostel's name is Santa Teresita. My friend says she thinks it's full, but it doesn't hurt to call, find out for sure, and get on a wait list.

There's a health club with a pool across the street, a real plus in the Microcenter.