need a place to live!


Oct 17, 2009

My friend and I just recently moved here and are looking for an apartment in BsAs(capital federal). We need a place that has spots for the two of us(if we have to share a bedroom, that's cool!). We wouldn't mind sharing an apartment with others or just having the two of either, either are perfect for us.

We are looking for a place that offers all of the following:

1. A month to month lease ONLY
2. Total price of $500USD(maximum we can pay as we are living off of the peso when we start teaching English)
3. Fully furnished apartment(tables, beds, dressers, and kitchen with appliances and cooking utensils)
4. Located in a SAFE area
5. Located in an accessible area(Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, Barrio Norte, El Centro, etc.)

That is really all we are looking for! We are fun, friendly, hardworking, open minded and easy going individuals. We are here to teach English, meet new people, learn some Spanish and explore the city!

We need to find a place by the mid-end of February, let us know if you have anything available or recommend a particular website! Thanks.
You won't find an apartment with two bedrooms in Capital for $500 USD...

You could probably find some cheap places in Villa Soldati, Ciudad Oculta, etc. I hear the living situations right outside Retiro bus station are just fabulous. Check it out.
Jajaja Bradly when did you get so jaded? Don't listen to him, he's just bitter about his own disastrous lease situation.

He's right though, you won't find a two bedroom for 500 USD. However, if you're willing to share with other roommates it should be relatively easy to find a place for $250 each (about 950 pesos) in a good neighborhood, but possibly harder to find a month to month agreement.

I've done it before and I'll do it again: I recommend or