Need an apartment from July - 2yrs


Jan 9, 2007
Hola, I work in non-profit here and there will be new group of volunteers coming this month from Japan (similar to a Peace Corp program). I have to help them look for an apartment in Buenos Aires. They need a 2 year lease with a monthly budget of US$400 (including expensas). The organization will be the guarantor (as they've always been without any problems). The volunteer that will be working with my organization is based in San Telmo area (Independencia y Chacabuco), so if there's any around there please send me note. Mil gracias!
There are a few (very small) apartments in San Telmo in your price range at the following site: As you live here, you probably are aware that the agent's commission is usually two months rent. A few listings indicate "sin comision de un agente" but that is rare.
Look for this listing from 28 de Mayo (close to the top of the list): SAN TELMO alquiler depto 1 y 1/2 amb con cocina, ventanas en todos los ambiente, luminoso It is avilable for two years at the rate of 800$ (ar) for the first year and 950$ (ar) for the second. I hope this helps.