Need some advice on extending a visa please.

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I am looking for some advice on extending my visa for another 90 days. It is my first visit to Argentina, and I am a British citizen. Could someone please let me know the process and cost? I have found a lot of advice online but this is mainly for US citizens.

Appreciate any help, thanks.
If you only have been in the country less than 90 days, you can either go to Migraciones, very close to the Retiro station. It is open 8 - 14. You stand in a line outside and when you get in, you cross the park to edificio 6, where foreigners go. Ask in the desk, who you should talk to. I heard it is not so expensive to renew your visa. The other way is to go to Buquebus or Colonia express (chek cost on internet) very close to immigration and take a trip to Uruguay Colonia and come back the same day. That is the easiest. Colonia is nice. If you overstay you have to pay a fine, so it is best not to.
The fee for the prorroga de permanancia (90 day extension of stay) you get at migraciones is currently $2700 pesos.

The overstay fee that you pay at the airport is currently $4500 pesos (for an overstay from one day to two years).

PS: You may ask for the prorroga de permanencia up to ten days prior to the expiration of your current 90 day visa.

You can also ask for a prorroga up to 30 days after your 90 day visa expires, but you will also have to pay a 50% penalty.

From the migraciones website:

PRÓRROGA:se puede efectuar en la Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, en el horario de 8 a 14 horas, edificio 4 sector prórrogas, o bien en las delegaciones y oficinas migratorias en el interior del país.
Los pedidos de prórroga de residencia, así como la petición de cambio de categoría o subcategoría migratoria, deberán efectuarse dentro de los SESENTA (60) días anteriores al vencimiento de la residencia temporaria y dentro de los DIEZ (10) días anteriores al vencimiento de la residencia transitoria.
El extranjero que se presentara en forma espontánea y voluntaria dentro de los TREINTA (30) días de vencidos los plazos previstos en el punto anterior, sufrirá un recargo del CINCUENTA POR CIENTO (50%) del monto de la tasa prevista para el trámite de prórroga de residencia o para el cambio de categoría o subcategoría migratoria.


• Pasaporte vigente o Cédula de Identidad vigente, Tarjeta de Identidad, Documento Nacional de Identidad o Carné de Extranjería (DEC CMC N° 37/14) (Países MERCOSUR y asociados).
•Tasa de renovación.
• Residencia transitoria vigente *

*el plazo de permanencia haya expirado, NO PODRÁ PRORROGARSE TAL RESIDENCIA a fin de hacer abandono del territorio nacional, deberá solicitar una HABILITACIÓN DE SALIDA.

Google translation:

EXTENSION: it can be done at the National Migration Office, from 8 am to 2 pm, building 4 sector extensions, or in the delegations and immigration offices in the interior of the country.

Requests for extension of residence, as well as the request for change of category or migratory subcategory, must be made within SIXTY (60) days prior to the expiration of the temporary residence and within TEN (10) days prior to the expiration of the term. temporary residence.

The foreigner who presents himself spontaneously and voluntarily within THIRTY (30) days of the expiration of the periods foreseen in the previous point, will suffer a surcharge of FIFTY PER CENT (50%) of the amount of the rate foreseen for the extension procedure of residence or for the change of category or subcategory of migration.


• Valid passport or current Identity Card, Identity Card, National Identity Document or Alien Registration Card (DEC CMC N ° 37/14) (MERCOSUR countries and associates).

• Renewal rate.

• Current temporary residence *

* the period of permanence has expired, SUCH RESIDENCE CAN NOT BE EXTENDED in order to abandon the national territory, you must request an AUTHORIZATION TO LEAVE.
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Thank you both for your help! Perhaps we will go to Colonia for a day as the price is pretty much the same and gives us chance to explore instead of sitting in an immigration office.