Need Spanish Classmate


Feb 27, 2009
I'm looking for 1-2 persons to join me for level 2 Spanish lessons at an institute near Facultdad de Medicina. Last week I signed up for this course but turned out to be the only one. They won't give the class unless I find another person or two. If you've been wanting to take lessons, now's the time!

I'd like to start the course asap, preferably on Monday. The class will be 1:30pm-4pm, Monday-Thursday. That's 2.5 hours per day of instruction.

The cost is US$180 for 1 month (about 670 pesos) which means 40 hours of instruction. This is a very good rate ~US$4.5 per hour.

Please PM if you're at all interested or have any questions. Thank you!
I forgot to mention that this institute is an extension of UBA if that piques your interest. Come on, you know it does!
Sorry, I won't be able to take the class with you because I won't be in BA until August. But, I'd like to take this class when I arrive. Can you please give me more information re this school/class? Thank you, and good luck finding a study buddy!
I may well be interested. Send me an email: [email protected]. We may not be the same level. We'll see. Sometimes I am hopeless and ther times brilliant!!!!!

Cheers, Richard
superjane, Thanks for the wishes! Just sent you a PM.

wreReynolds, Just sent you an email.